Water Repellent Spray
Water Repellent Spray

Water Repellent Spray

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Water Repellent Spray

It creates a mirror-like shine and produces hydrophobic and oleo-phobic effects. It could protect your car body against acid rain, salt fog corrosion, rust, oil stains, sap, bird dropping permeation, bugs, some scratches and more.

PROTECTS: protects the surface from fluid and oil penetration. Coating very well suits for impregnating footwear and protecting it from any dirt.

SILICON FREE: It does not contain silicone, so the coated surface appears dull and does not have a wet surface effect

NO ORGANIC COMPOUND: No volatile organic compounds

FAT REPELLENT: Nano impregnator for suede leather makes surface water and fat repellent. Impregnated surface remains air breathable.

NO COLOUR DAMAGE: Coating does not change the color of the surface.


1.Clean the Glass /Shoes /Clothes and so on

2. The No.1 evenly sprayed on the  Glass /Shoes /Clothes and so on

3. Use a sponge or polishing cloth to wipe dry the No.1 when on glass, waiting to dry when on Shoes /Clothes, it is best to high temperature to dry

4. Sun exposure 2 hours, or placed 24 hours, it is best to high temperature to drying, then it works best.

  • Easy operation, spray and wipe, deal with fog easily.
  • Long lasting, one spray can last for 30 days.
  • Used on car windscreen can avoid car accident caused by fog.