Neck Massager
Neck Massager
Neck Massager
Neck Massager
Neck Massager
Neck Massager

Neck Massager

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😵 "Do you Often get stiff neck, pressure in the neck and shoulder? Do you feel neck pain while working? Did you try to easy your neck pain ?"

Not any more! Just 15 minutes with Pulse Neck Massager will help you relax 😃

Due to long hour of work on computer, smart phone, desk work, driving, knitting, sewing, writing, reading etc.. most of the people feel neck pain. The electric pulse neck massager can help to relieve pain in the neck and shoulders. If you're stressed or just need to unwind, neck massager will help you to relax.😊

Intelligent Neck Massage with Heat Pulse, Deep Tissue Trigger Point for Men & Women 






【Pleasant Massage Effect】A helpful massage tool to improve the blood circulation, soothe tired muscles and relieve aches thoroughly.
【360° Floating Design】Designed ergonomic construction way. The neck massage tool fits cervical spine seamlessly, providing thorough and efficient massage.
【4D Shape】4 massage heads arranged scientifically, precisely covering multiple segments of cervical spines. C-shape adjustable massage tool enables more personal use.
【Upgraded Technology】Built-in magnetic stones care for health, TENS pulse gets deeply into muscle for full massaging. Along with 38-42℃ hot compress function, it ensures deep and comprehensive massage.
【6 Massage Modes】Auto mode, pulse manipulation, hot compress manipulation, acupressure manipulation, knead manipulation, beating manipulation, this device offers various massage enjoyment according to your needs.
【Users Friendly Design】Come with a remote control for super easy operation, large-capacity battery, this device can support 15-hour continuous using.
【Wonderful Life Companion】Lightweight and small, so it is space-saving and easy to be carried along, you can use it at home, office and travel, enjoying massage wherever and whenever.
Warning! Do not use when implantation of pacemakers or carrying metal in the body -- Artificial heart and lungs and other life supporting medical electronic devices , electrocardiographs and other medical electronic devices. **These medical electronic devices may cause malfunctions and can be life threatening. Petrol stations, high dust workshops, gas and other inflammable and easy-explosive area are prohibition of use.
Packing list:
1Pcs* massager and remote control
1Pcs*USB cable
1Pcs* English manual