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Anti-skid Car Snow Chain
Anti-skid Car Snow Chain
Anti-skid Car Snow Chain
Anti-skid Car Snow Chain
Anti-skid Car Snow Chain
Anti-skid Car Snow Chain

Anti-skid Car Snow Chain

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Now you can look forward to winter with confidence, no matter how difficult or slippery the roads! 

The Anti-skid Car Snow Chain is a practical automotive tool that unlocks the most difficult road conditions and introduces you to fun, hassle-free driving. It has an innovative design that makes you feel like you're driving on a relatively flat surface. It comes armed with a surface with numerous fine points that minimize sliding while driving.  It is an effective aid when you are faced with snow, ice, or mud. It is also convenient and effective when you want to climb. This jack free solution also leaves your tires well protected from damage.  This chain will come in very handy in emergency situations when your car is stuck. It is also indispensable for rescuing others you may encounter en-route to your destination. 

For secure footing and maximum traction

This is a special car accessory that makes you fully equipped for all driving conditions. Installing or removing it is easy with no need for any special tools or even a car jack.   The snow chain comes with tension straps so you can mount it easily on the tires. It is also designed with thick tendons that fit both sides of your tires.  This gives your tires a smoother and quieter performance as the thickened tendons improve the tire grip ability. It also comes with rough surfaces that prevent slipping of the tires especially on muddy or snowy roads. This will translate to a much stable vehicle running and control. 


  • Easy to use by all

This snow chain effectively dispenses of the need to use a lifting chain during installation or when removing it. It dramatically eases your work, making it easily used by everyone. Both men and women will find this tool convenient to use. 

  • Increased friction and grip

The snow chain has powerful anti-skid qualities due to its broken ice steel nait design. This gives you very stable driving conditions due to better adhesion on slippery or snowy roads. 

  • Suitable for all conditions 

The snow chains give superb service for all sorts of circumstances, these include when you get stuck in the snow. mud, sand, or ice. 

  • made of superior material,  reusable and temperature resistant

It's made out of pure gum rubber and steel nail gives excellent friction and durability. This chain is excellent for repeated use without replacement, giving you long life utility. With its ability to resist temperature, it remains relatively intact for a long. Also, your tires are fully protected due to the nylon straps. 

  •  Universal application

This chain has a universal application making it suitable for all vehicle types. It is perfect for cars, SUV models, off roads, and trucks. All tires of width 165mm-265mm can be comfortably fitted. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: beef tendon, thickened PU + steel nail
  • Color: yellow
  • Weight (approx.): 3.2kg/10 piece, 2.6kg/8 piece, 1.9kg/6 pieces
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 x Anti-skid Car Snow Chain