Foot Brace
Foot Brace
Foot Brace
Foot Brace
Foot Brace
Foot Brace
Foot Brace

Foot Brace

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Relieve unwanted muscle aches and avoid overnight cramping with our Foot Brace

Designed to provide comfort and optimal support to alleviate painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis, foot drop, achilles tendonitis, heel pain and more.

Prevent aggravating injuries, correct the angle of your foot, and rest easy with the reassurance that your foot receives all night protection.


  • Stops?discomfort foot pain
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Provides arch support
  • Allows?to?walk freely?from pain
  • Prevent?Ankle Twists/Sprains
  • Help support and stabilize injured or weak ankles during activities

  • Helps alleviate pain from plantar fasciitis, injury, stress fracture, achilles tendonitis


??Elasticity and contour design to fit feet arch and ankle shape.

??One size fits most of the sizes of adult foot (above size 5), and it can be worn on left or right foot.

??Designed to hold your foot in a flexed position.

??The foot and ankle straps are completely adjustable, long enough to wrap around most feet and ankles.

??Lightweight and seamless construction provides maximum comfort.

??Can be used not only at night while you sleep to cradles your foot, but also can be worn during the daytime when relaxing, reading, or watching TV.

?????????? - "This is the splint you've been looking for!"

"I have had plantar fasciitis with heel spurs and pulling my Achilles tendon. The doctor did everything from physical therapy, to prescribing anti inflammatories, to giving me a giant boot to wear at night. Inevitably it was so uncomfortable and hot I would take it off in my sleep in the middle of the night and would wake up in pain in the morning. I have tried other splints but with the same results, they get too hot, or cut of my circulation are too big or too bulky and I always wake up with them off. This splint is super easy to put on, super light weight, it stays on without having to tighten it to the point where it limits circulation, and I wake up with it still on because it doesn't make me overheat at night. I haven't had pain since wearing this splint and I plan to order a second one so I can wear them on both feet."

Elizabeth | USA


Material:?Aluminum Strips, Neoprene

Size:?One Size Fits Most

Package Includes

1pc Foot Brace