Magic Cup Holder
Magic Cup Holder
Magic Cup Holder
Magic Cup Holder
Magic Cup Holder
Magic Cup Holder

Magic Cup Holder

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Increase Your Car Space!

Did you know that an average person spends more than 300$+ yearly on car cleaning?

Magic Cup Holder is designed to save costs on car cleaning and keep you tension free!

Are you going on a trip with your family? Out with your friends? Going to work? Or just going on a long drive?

Holds up to 4 drinks/teacups at a time, it is perfect for you, so everyone in your car can have a place to hold their food/drinks, be safe and you can keep your car clean!

Design Award 2020!

Magic Cup Holder has been rated the best car accessory in 2020!

It is a must-have and perfect during COVID19 as well because you need to keep your hands free and your car clean! 

It is one of the best things you’ll ever get for your car!

Keep Your Car Clean 

The best thing about Magic Cup Holder is that you can keep even buy 4 of them and put 2 in the front and 2 in the back!

That means you get 16 MORE SPACES! which is AMAZING!

Imagine have 16 spaces to hold your drinks in your car?

Yes, it has never been possible before but now with Magic Cup Holder, you can buy the whole grocery and fit in your car (just kiddin’) but you get the idea! 

There is no time to even think but to get yourself some Magic Cup Holder!

Anti-Slip & Portable

Did you think that we would design someone so amazing and forget to make it anti-slip?

Nope! We even made the grip of it stronger than ever plus it is portable!

If you are in your car drinking 3 cans of soda at a time (we do not judge),

and you decide to get out of your car for work or home, you can just grab the base handle and take all your 4 drinks with you at the same time in one hand! 


Magic Cup Holder is a modular accessory and can be bought separately.


PRACTICAL DESIGN: Perfect for Family, Friends & Travelers.

​4 EXTRA SPACES: Holds up to 4 drinks at a time to keep your car clean and beautiful.

​ANTI-SLIP: Premium Anti-Slip Material to give a stronghold and avoid spilling drinks.

PORTABLE: Easy to Place & Take it Anywhere, Anytime!