Magnetic Screen Door Mesh Bug Curtain

Magnetic Screen Door Mesh Bug Curtain

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UNIVERSAL DOOR FIT - Magnetic Screen Door Mesh Bug Curtain uses high-density material that is strong and durable designed to last a lifetime. Let fresh air in and stop inescts from entering the house.

HANDS FREE ENTER/EXIT - 26-piece strong magnetic points make the screen door mesh curtain close much quicker and more silent.

KID & PET FRIENDLY - Screen door is made from durable polyester fabric that has been stress-tested 10,000 times. Lightweight enough for children and small pets to go inside and outside of the house freely. The magnets seal the gap together quickly for hands-free functionality.

DURABLE & DETACHABLE - Unique reinforced line design protects the top of screen snap door from tearing, snapping or breaking. Upgraded magnetic screen door uses full frame hook & loop that secures the door firmly.

EASY TO INSTALL - No tools are required and installation is easy! Clean door frame surface firstly to ensure long lasting adhesion. Attach the screen mesh to the door frame with the nylon sticker.