Nova Drone
Nova Drone
Nova Drone
Nova Drone

Nova Drone

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The Nova Drone 

Keeping your children or friends occupied has never been this fun and exciting, ever! The Nova Drone is a combination of the famous fidget spinner and a drone put together, with a built in genius drive mechanism the Nova Drone can be used in all places at any time to perform an array of cool tricks, even more fun with friends!
The Nova Drone is safe to use and simple to master in just a few minutes, cure your boredom with a solo flight or a battle it out with friends, featuring an in-built A1 artificial intelligence chip makes it suitable to fly in all conditions and settings whether you're in the office tossing it to peers or at home bored in your bedroom.

How To Use The Nova Drone

1. Turn the Nova Drone on at the switch, simply spin or shake the Nova Drone to activate the drive mechanism

2. Throw the Nova Drone  in front of you facing at an upwards 30 degree angle for it to fly back like straight to you like a boomerang
3. Simply grab at base if you wish to stop playing to disengage the drive mechanism, remember to turn the Nova Drone off at the switch to save battery life.



  • Lightweight, sleek and durable designed body built for fast falls and collisions so it will not break with impact
  • In-built 100 mAh smart battery, fully charged in just 15 minutes, 15 minutes worth of constant tricked out flight time, no batteries needed!
  • In-built RGB lights makes the Nova Drone easy to spot, have a blast with even at night and looks incredible!
  • Fully enclosed lightweight Propeller means the Nova Drone is completely safe to touch even when the device is up and running.

Whats Included

  • 1x Nova Drone packaged with every purchase
  • 1x Charing cable included with every purchase