Pillow Stand
Pillow Stand
Pillow Stand
Pillow Stand
Pillow Stand

Pillow Stand

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Give your arms a relief from holding your iPad for long hours. Introducing 

Pillow Stand, a triangular tablet pillow that will hold your iPad, tablet, etc. at a natural viewing angle in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Designed for all tablets, eBook readers and printed books, it saves you from all kinds of neck pain and you feel more relaxed.

Pillow Stand provides three different angles to choose from on its three wedges. Simply rotate it while lying down, sitting and standing to find the ideal angle for you. No matter if you're on the sofa, in your bed, at your desk, or traveling in a car, it will provide you with excellent support and comfort.

Whether you are shopping online or enjoying a movie, 

Pillow Stand is a super functional and more of a comfortable pillow than just a piece of hardware.


    • Versatile: 
    • Ipad Pillow Standcan be used as a smart device holder, mini-ottoman, pillow, etc. It is an ideal product for reading, internet surfing, video calling, and gaming. During travels, it can be used as a regular pillow or a neck pillow as well.
    • Anti-Slip Fabric: 
    • Pillow Stand comes with an anti-slip fabric so you can place your smartphone, tablets, e-readers, books, and magazines over it conveniently without any fear of slipping.
    • Light and Comfortable: 
    • Pillow Stand is very lightweight and can be carried along easily. Because of its lightweight and premium material, it feels very cozy when you hold it.
    • Easy to Clean: 
  • Pillow Stand is very easy to clean, just wipe it with a wet cloth and you are good to go. You can also machine wash it by unzipping and separating the outer cover from the soft sponge.
  • Premium Quality: Made with high-grade sponge and suede material, it is very durable and long-lasting. The EVA foam used in its manufacturing maintains its triangular shape no matter how much pressure is applied to it