Stainless Dish Drying Rack
Stainless Dish Drying Rack
Stainless Dish Drying Rack
Stainless Dish Drying Rack
Stainless Dish Drying Rack

Stainless Dish Drying Rack

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This dish rack is a great choice for small apartment kitchens, and dish drainer can be folded to two-thirds of its original height, so you can easily store small dish rack under the cabinet or sink after use. The dish drying rack is perfect for the storage and draining of cutlery and glassware. The stainless steel dish rack is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, such as camping, barbecue and camping site cleaning.
  • Space saver: This dish drying rack expands for use on the counter, in the sink or over the sink
  • Superior quality: Advanced 304 stainless steel covered with black piano finish engineered with dual protection to ensure no rusting, long-lasting durability and easy cleaning
  • Functional design: Our Kitchen Drainage Rack set can store, bowls, dishes and other kitchen utensils
  • Available in 2 sizes: 65cm & 85cm

  • Increases efficiency by 50% when working in the Kitchen
  • U-shaped structure, stable and unshakable with an anti-slip mechanism


  • Not only for drying dishes, but it's also great for storing your dishes if you have limited cupboard space

You can wash your dishes, put them in the over-the-sink drying rack and let them dry, and then keep them in there until you need to use it. It's super easy and convenient to just grab the plate or cup right from the drying rack.


 The unique over the sink drying rack is made from super durable 304 stainless steel so it's made to last, has an incredibly functional design that lets you dry and store plates, bowls, cups, mugs, silverware, utensils, and more.

Not only can you dry and store dishes, silverware, and cups on the over-the-sink drying rack, but there's even a spot to safely store and dry large knives, keep fresh produce or plants, place soap bottles or bars, hooks to hang towels, and a spot for drying cutting boards.

Will the over-the-sink drying rack fit my tall faucet?

You can arrange the racks however you like on the two tiers. So if you have an extra tall faucet, you can just not place the racks directly above your faucet. Though the lowest part of the second tier drying rack will measure 17.5 inches from the counter.

How big is the sink drying rack?

The over-the-sink drying rack features 2 tiers, uses a punch-free installation method, is black in colour, fits over most standard sized sinks, and comes in two different sizes, a smaller version that measures 25.6 inches wide, and a larger version that measures 33.5 inches wide. Both models then measure 20.5 inches tall x 12.6 inches deep.

Package Includes:

  • 1x set of Kitchen Drainage Rack