Summer Mini Air Conditioner
Summer Mini Air Conditioner
Summer Mini Air Conditioner

Summer Mini Air Conditioner

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Don't get beat by the heat ! Hot summer weather is a great excuse to have fun outdoors. But unless your home is equipped with air conditioning, the dog days of summer will feel quite unbearable once you’re back inside. Summer Mini Air Conditioner Portable AC is the rechargeable desktop air cooler and humidifier for long-lasting relief during the hottest days. Cordless, compact, and lightweight.

How it works 

Hydro-chill technology pulls in hot air through an evaporative air-cooling filter & turns it into cool, refreshing air instantly. Simply add water to the fill line in the water tank. The temperature of the water replicates the temperature/climate you're looking for, therefore for the coolest most refreshing winds use iced water.
 It runs up to 24-36 hours per fill! 


Whether you’re looking for a break from the sun or you prefer cooler temperatures while sleeping, Summer 's Mini Air Conditioner Portable AC lets you control the conditions for improved work, leisure, and relaxation. Unlike traditional fans and air conditioning units, our Portable AC adds moisture to the air to prevent your skin, eyes, and nasal passages from drying out and becoming irritated.


✔︎ Durable long life battery, up to 36hrs of use when fully charged and a charging time on under 8 hours.

✔︎  Silent, No more annoying noisy fans. Our air conditioner contributes to the tranquility of your home by making no noise. 

✔︎ Large water tank, will last over 24hrs per refill.

✔︎ Small and convenient, extremely easy to move around your house and can fit practically anywhere you want it to.

✔︎ Aesthetically pleasing, slick modern design means it fits in with all decor.

✔︎ Wide angle air projection, a problem with most modern day fans is how close you have to sit to them to feel an effect. The mini air conditioner covers a large surface area meaning you don't all have to huddle around it to feel the breeze.

✔︎ Mist, you have the option of a gentle mist to be pushed out of the air conditioner if you're after a quicker cool down after a long day.

✔︎ Wireless/USB powered, No wires no hassle. Place the air conditioner wherever you fancy and simply charge with a USB port.

✔︎ Gear controlled 3 gear control, allowing you the perfect breeze depending on the temperature that day.

Save yourself time, money and space, keep your room comfortable and cool without the costs, time and effort of installing large AC units and ceiling fans !

The different temperatures 


Whats included 

1x Summer mini air conditioner 

1x Instruction manual 

1x USB charging lead  

Don't get beat by the heat