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Ultrasonic Pest Killer
Ultrasonic Pest Killer
Ultrasonic Pest Killer
Ultrasonic Pest Killer
Ultrasonic Pest Killer

Ultrasonic Pest Killer

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What is UltrasonicPest Killer?

Pest Killer is a breakthrough device that uses “ultrasonic” sound waves to protect your family & home from disgusting pest infestations.

A severe infestation can cost thousand in home damage & exterminators.

Not to mention the endless headaches and disgusting sights & smells.


Thes creepy vermin can even swim trough your toilet and get into your home. Rodents are known to be the transmitter of 35 or more diseases...


Once a couple of these get in your home yo have a big problem on your hands... One female mouse can have over 100 babies a year! That's a real messy problem for you.


If you thought mice reproduced fast Hold your site and wait till you read this. A spider can lay 3,000 eggs at a time! That's a scary sight... 


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing these in your home you know just how creepy they are. In fact, a roach can live for a week without its head and the only reason it will pass away is because it can no longer drink water.

Engineers at Ultrasonic Pest Killer Created the Ultimate Pest Control Device for Every American Home

You can finally get a full night’s rest without the terror of creepy pests taking over your home.  

It’s super easy to use, child & pet safe & plugs right into a standard 120V outlet in your home.

So it’s compatible & effective with almost every home in America.

What Makes Ultrasonic Pest Killer the Ideal Choice for Protecting Your Home From pests? 

- Chemical Free + Child & Pet Safe:

Exterminators & Chemical sprays from the store are filled with toxins that can be harmful to your family. Ultrasonic Pest Killer was engineered from the start to be chemical-free so it's 100% safe for your children & pets

- Affordable:

Exterminators will charge you hundreds of dollars to come and spray your home. You will be stuck paying this fee every few months to protect your home. If you buy traps & chemical sprays from the store they won’t last long and you’ll be right back at that store purchasing even more.

Ultrasonic Pest Killer is a one-time easy solution to pest control. You simply plug it in a standard wall outlet in your home and your home will be protected. No respraying or buy more traps.

- Effective:

Traps & Sprays leave areas of your home wide open & exposed for rats, mice, spiders & cockroaches to sneak right into your home.

Pest Defenders “Ultrasonic” sound waves travel through every nook & cranny of your home, devastating the nervous system of pests & vermin. 

Making sure no area is left exposed for pests to infest your home. 

Repels Vermin Instantly Without Poisons, Chemicals, Or Exterminators

Pest Defender Works On Rats, Roaches, Mice, Mosquitoes, Spiders, Ants, Fleas, Bed Bugs, & More.

Super Easy-To-Use — Plug Into Wall & Pest Defender Emits A Sonic Wave That Drives Vermin Away Immediately.

Small, Simple, & Convenient — This Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Device Is Safe For The Whole Family, Including Pets!

No Clunky Traps, No Dangerous Poisons Or Unsafe Chemicals, No Expensive Exterminators.

Ultrasonic Pest Killer powerful sound waves make it perfect for:

What is Ultrasonic Pest Killer

  • Bedrooms
  • Attics
  • Garages
  • Living Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Offices