Emergency Roadside Car Kit 3 in 1
Emergency Roadside Car Kit 3 in 1
Emergency Roadside Car Kit 3 in 1
Emergency Roadside Car Kit 3 in 1
Emergency Roadside Car Kit 3 in 1

Emergency Roadside Car Kit 3 in 1

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Universal Emergency Car Kit 3 in 1

The Emergency Car Kit 3 in 1 comes Fully Loaded for multifunctional use.It comes with the electric car jack to lift up your vehicle, A pump to inflate tires, and a power rench for all repairs!

In addition this product is equipped with a built in flash light and plugs directly into your vehicle's electric outlet.

Powerful: Redesigned to be stronger and more powerful, this kit can comfortably handle upto 5 tons of car weight.

Prevent Slipping:  Groove cross saddles prevent vehicle slippingTurning rod with thread may be rotating outwards, causes the transverse groove to saddle closer to lifting point. 

In Case Of Power TurnedOff: In case the power has been turned off, power structure and safety self-locking discharge button prevent the socket from falling out and will not go down immediately. When you re-connect the power, the jack will continue to work according to the instructions, or using the safety valve manually to fall. 

Conducted LED: CONDUCTED LED on jack can be used as flashlight.

Simple operation, everyone can easily change tires by themselves, come and have a home! 

Powerful and time-saving tool set with remote control, it can help you avoid the potential risks that can occur in replacing traditional tires!

  •  Work with 12V vehicle power outlet, 5.0T (11023lb) jack capacity. super low pressure rod, set for sports car. dual motor driver inside, work independently. 
  •  Lift the car in less than a minute per jack, change a tire quickly, perfect tire jack. non-slip cross design groove. Freely adjustable in height. 
  •  The design of the jack is succinct and easy to operate with compact and organized storage box. new design of appearance, It looks like a car. Enjoying yourself. 
  • Jack, Pump and LED Flashlight can meet various demands. combining with the relevant complete small tools, such as the safety hammer, gloves. with BMC packaging, easy to carry
  • ABS shell engineering to make it stronger.
  • The structure is stable and safeMachine will stop working when it rises beyond the height limitfurther widens the aluminum plate to make it stable. more hidden heat dissipation in the mouth to avoid splashing water.